Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Magic Of Making Up - Review

Relationships that end are painful, and that's an understatement. I am all too familiar with this...as I am sure most people are. I mean, how many of us meet and marry their childhood sweetheart and never suffer through a breakup? Certainly not I.

I was fortunate enough to learn some things over the years, but some of us aren't as lucky and need help in either keeping their relationships intact or in getting back the ex that they never should have lost to begin with.

Well, that book finally exists, though I wish it hadn't taken so long.

The book is called "The Magic Of Making Up" and it may very well be the best book ever written on the subject. The author does a terrific job on tackling this subject. The testimonials at the site are solid proof of this.

The main problem, and this is what the book tackles so well and in complete step by step detail, is that when people are either on the verge of breaking up or have just broken up with their ex and are trying to get this person back, they simply don't know what to say. They rehearse all kinds of lines and things to recite, but when the moment of truth comes...they freeze. Nothing that makes any sense at all comes out of their mouth. Sound familiar? It probably does.

This book will work no matter how hopeless the situation might seem. On page 43 you'll learn the "Instant Reconnect Technique" which works like a charm.

On page 21 you'll learn how to discover by tell tale signs if your ex still cares. These are things that took me years to learn on my own.

And if you're a woman, on page 5, you'll learn the one thing that a man wants more than sex, food or that dumb ballgame. You give him this and he'll be yours for the rest of your life. And yes, it's true because my wife gives it to me everyday. She understands.

I can keep going but there is so much in this book that it would take me 20 pages just to go over it.

Now, I have to warn you about something. These methods are so powerful that they have the potential to be abused. So please, for the love of all that is good in this world, don't use these things to stalk an unsuspecting person or anything that could be seen as abuse. That's all I ask.

Oh, and one more thing. Please watch the videos at the site. They are real and they will move you. I promise you that.

You can find out more about The Magic Of Making Up by clicking on the link below that says CLICK ME.


If you purchase this book from me, I will personally answer any questions that you have, including giving you my personal "get your ex back" tips for 3 days after purchase. That's how much I believe in this book.

If you want to get your ex back, this will do it. I can almost guarantee it unless you are really that far gone...and nobody is THAT far gone.

To YOUR Relationship Success,

Martin J. Waterson
VERY Happy Husband